25-12-2014  Merry Christmas

Nexus Groups of companies wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

25-12-2014  NexusLED illuminates Petronas kiosk

Lowbay BR510

LED Floodlight

In modern living the outdoor area is playing an increasingly important role, as is outdoor lighting. In the summer we take to the patio, balcony or garden to relax, to barbecue or to party. Modern outdoor lighting is an important decorative element and also provides orientation, safety and security. Outdoor lighting makes sense in any weather.
As the evenings draw in it offers greater security, and the garden, patio or balcony are not forgotten during the cold winter months but remain part of family life.
In addition to balcony, garden and patio lighting, the lighting around the entrance to the house is very important. It is not just a calling card for your home, it is also a very important zone in its own right. The right lighting provides a safe entrance at night and helps you identify unwanted guests.



BR510 / BR510 (Motion Sensor)

Good lighting illuminate the way for people on the move. NexusLED products has the power to make your brand sparkle, encouraging consumers to take a break from their journey to fill up or buy refreshments. Furthermore, the safer and more welcoming you can make the environment, the more loyal your customers are likely to be. Our solutions are designed to bring out the best in your petrol station without making any glaring errors in terms of energy efficiency.

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